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Michelle Aimée Oesch is a Zurich based photographer. Born in 1986 in Switzerland, child of an american mother and a swiss father. She has lived in Switzerland, USA, Australia and Egypt. After her Studies at the University of Fine Arts in Zurich and the RMIT, Melbourne she has been working as a scientific photographer for the Veterinary-Faculty of the University of Zurich and as a teacher in photography at various institutions.


While watching life unfold before my eyes, I often get bit by pure fascination over social behavior, cultural heritage, psychology, the anatomy of things and how it all is intertwined while following precise laws, patterns and repetition.

Seemingly simple questions – like my all time favorite „Why?“ – will then fuel my curiosity and I then will often find myself trying to wrap my head around it by using photography. Visualizing helps me bring things out of my head, to then be able to look at it from a different perspective. And sometimes let me find an answer… or new questions.

My curiosity and life have brought me to some very inspiring places and people. Some of the resulting Projects have found their way onto this website.

While working with my clients, I am dedicated to finding a photographic answer to their questions and requirements. I don’t believe there is a general „best photograph“ or „ best photographer“. What I do rather believe is there is a most suited way to photograph a certain given tasks according to what is aimed for. As well as a there also is a most suited photographer for the task and client.

If you feel my style and personality could suit your task, then please feel free to contact me for further information.